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We provide orthoses for corrective, functional, supportive and sporting purposes for adults and children. These include spinal, cervical, lower and upper extremity braces. Depending on the diagnosis, the orthoses may be worn for short or long term treatment.


services4For people missing all or part of a limb we provide the full spectrum from partial fingers to full hip disarticulation prostheses. Whether the person is an adult or child, we will make a prosthesis that best meets their functional and aesthetic needs.


Our staff can design and fit foot orthoses (such as arch supports) and shoes (for people with diabetes) to relieve problems caused by disease, overuse or injury. These devices are made to relieve or accommodate temporary or permanent foot problems.

Compression Garments and Soft Goods

We also fit compression garments for those needing vascular support and other “soft goods” such as over-door traction units, shoulder therapy kits and socks for people with amputations or diabetes.